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Since 1992 Italguru is an independent alcoholic drink importer, dealing mainly with quality drinks.
Our mian activity is the import of alcoholic drinks to Hungary. Our company earned herself a leading role in the wholesale and distribution market over the past few years. We are dealing with over 100 international brands and our variety is unique on the Hungarian market.
Our 1500 square meter store contains over 600 pallets. Having a huge store enbles us to order a large quantity of the most products, so we can guarantee an economical, quick delivery of a great variety of drinks. As an independent importer, we purchase drinks from their manufacturers on the international market, therefore our prices are only determined by the Euro/HUF exchange rate.
International relationships
If you are a drink manufacturer or wholesaler and you wish to expand to the Hungarian market, we are ready to be your partners. Please send your enquiry to the e-mail address on the website. In case of partnership, we will be glad to meet you on our premises, where we will inform you about the Hungarian alcoholic drinks market and our company’s performance. We are currently dealing with the distribution of plenty of famous brands, with great mutual satisfaction!
We do not trade in the products of distribution companies to other Eus countries, but we are glad to give a tax-free price on all the other products.
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Peter Feher


The Italguru Ltd. In several areas of the world also wholesale dealer in the Hungarian market, and shall have the exclusive representation of leading companies.
The Italguru Ltd. warehouse own wholesale and retail channels to sell the products marketed in import, logistics, marketing activities carried out.
The Italguru Ltd. dynamic and flexible company, the activities of the quality, reliability, and is characterized by fairness.
One of the main aspects during the selection and distribution of the pled premium brands, that the products are complement each other so beers, various spirits, bases of cocktails and champagne in the product range. Representatives of gastronomy help our partners to introduce them a wide range of review about the products, to gain brand awareness, marketing and related marketing assistance. Our products can be found in wholesale trade, horeca partners and in the national wide chains.